Welcome to the world of Argentina and in keeping, after entering a read, your worldview will likely never be the same. Often called the author of our lives, his offerings stay with that established line by presenting an encapsulated, captivating look at characters who serve as a window into the essence of humanity's collective psyche.

Book Overview: A Georgia Love Story

Making beautiful music together.

Rock and roll is here to stay and it will never die.

Likewise this rollicking rock group with a choice monicker is in keeping with that music genre as an art form.


After recalling that friend who couldn’t be there, a subdued and solemn Tony now considered an on hand woman who was, and this person invited to the affair took a liking to the man in forming a mental picture when she made him out to be something he was not.

This saw her prepared to engage in battle the way many a well-endowed woman does by taking advantage of those mass weapons of destruction at her disposal and discretion and it came to pass that she remained a remnant long after the soirée saw cessation to be discovered there a full week after the fact.

Now in a backdrop, Wendy’s first name had been given to her by a woman she never knew in being brought to light by Ruthann Friedman who wrote a song called Windy in 1967, the year when Wendy’s mother took this song as the basis for naming her daughter.

This quite possibly affected Wendy’s personality because the songwriter Ruthann stated publicly she initially conjured this song up not for a female as the variant spelling makes clear, but rather as a dedication to her dog named Windy, but there was more…

Because a group called the Association, who made this song into what it was, namely what Tony might have classified a mellow DSU pop classic… well this group argued that Ruthann actually wrote the song about a methamphetamine addict whom the woman dated and additionally classed a son of a bitch.

So what did this make Wendy?

In a curious posit, perchance a transvestite or the offspring of a female dog.

However lest this dictum roam and venture yonder throughout to ridicule such things as menstruation or ovum in straying from an obligatory connected to quality, however choosing to use a more scientific lens reveals a valid assertion as a thing undeniable.

Wendy was barren.

At least up to this point.

Thus being incapable of creating someone to own, her craving was willing to settle for owning someone extant and so she consequently cast her eyes upon a man, since in the hierarchy of a woman without child this second serves as a temporal sanctuary in presaging a relief point to pin hopes on and ultimately arrive to that more desirable first.

Wendy wore on Tony in a motherly way as she did in a former relationship in the city of Atlanta from an address of 980 Ponce de Leon, from where she did rile up her then lover by rattling, “Why do you have to be so shitty about it. All I said was that we’ll end up saving a whole lot of money, especially when we start doing our grocery shopping there like they do.”

Her boyfriend knew being beset with obtaining a way of life was why she had been contemplating leaving him, but this mocked jesting left the man nowhere near ecstatic in that the woman likened their library patronage to those seen scrounging food from receptacles stationed in and around that public location.

Now several months later at this period of their relationship, Wendy felt slighted about what she saw as an attempt to undermine former favorable venues they’d frequented due to expense.

Like Wendy’s ex, Tony soon began monitoring her buzzing and the stung by a bee rule was a swift deterrent, that is, once an individual has been stung by a bee, they remember it forever and are prepared whenever they are again accosted and this saw Wendy removed from Tony’s life in short order.

He and the boys continued forward in their effort to win a local battle of the bands competition and afterwards a woman on-hand called to mind Harry’s former Dianne when that Canadian band aptly named Dianne Heatherington and The Merry-Go-Round provided stiff competition.

But thereafter with victory in hand Tony moved to season it with hubris after being prompted in an interview, when as spokesman he made plain, “We are the End of the World and we will take on all challengers and personally my attitude is the same as in the Eagles versus Steely Dan war and this band won’t face defeat.”

Alexander Argentina, as any dynamic author, does not cater to standardized, obtuse notions which interrupts such an individual who moves to the beat of a different drummer by employing the unusual tactic of no holds barred truth telling.