Welcome to the world of Argentina and in keeping, after entering a read, your worldview will likely never be the same. Often called the author of our lives, his offerings stay with that established line by presenting an encapsulated, captivating look at characters who serve as a window into the essence of humanity's collective psyche.

Book Overview: A Louisiana Love Story

The Pelican State became fertile ground for one of Argentina's most frightfully chilling tales.

Resultingly this sees the world of drug usage thoroughly explored and examined and brought to the fore in a manner rarely exposed...


Though not stated by way of words this resulted due to something called a contact high and when Sabrina saw Patricia’s red eyes, a decision to refute that mocking saw her motion for what at times is called a joint, and once inhaled, with that action she was high and soon higher than Patricia had ever been while smoking weed.

This was when Sabrina took a similar hold onto her and they returned to the place she had a dream about and that bad time in Baton Rouge was relived before the words went forth as “If you keep smokin’ it could turn out in the future you gone see me. I know you heard o’ Sabrina the teenage witch, well just look at me as the tanned version! Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! You know why they did it?”

That question led Patricia to present her own when she asked “Why who did what?” and the reply was “Yo friends who killed theyselves. Don’t play stupid with me Patricia or you want me to call you Britney?!”

“I have no idea why they did it and how did you find out about it?”

“They killed theyselves because either they did dat or they woulda needed to stop doin’ somethin’ they loved. But every time they did dat it cost somebody they life. So what they did was kind a smart - it’s actually a way out. See, yo friends was part of our order and you gots to keep doin’ what dat connects you to, which means you gots to offer them a sacrifice. It’s mainly hallucinogens that do it and dat’s why I stopped fuckin’ wit ‘em. Looks like Mary Jane was how they connected to you and yo friends,” said Sabrina in an open ended observation while using a slang Patricia knew meant marijuana.

“Actually in my case it was mushrooms. But now I think I know how they got to us. But who in the hell are they?” asked Patricia and in not having floated this way in quite a while she was enjoying that feeling while Sabrina noted “Some folks say they phantoms, others use ghosts and once they get to know a person, dat banshee word don’t bother ‘em too much. It really don’t matter what you call ‘em, just always remember they some wicked mothafuckas, ha, ha….” and due to what she strongly suspected Patricia inquired “So you are a… witch, right?”

“Yep it’s black magic for a black mama! That’s why I git to be around that high dolla dope. They set it up wit Ben, even though he don’t know the guy I got rid of foe him was singled out long befoe they got into some shit. Now I done gone and done somethin’ totally stupid and I’m gone have to go back to Saint Charles Parish and find somebody to serve up another witches brew to or in otha words find somebody to cook, ah, ha, ha, ha, ha!” Sabrina cackled and in suddenly perceiving things, Patricia said “I think I understand what’s happening now, because they used to bother me and my friend Roger until we stopped using and they aren’t bothering me now. So I’m kind of your guest - I guess. So they got to you when you used weed?”

“Darling this isn’t marijuana in the way you know it - it’s angel dust!!! Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! And yes um that’s when I was approached, but I had only just started out and I wasn’t 'bout to stop usin’ at dat point. So finally I said fuck it - yeah I’ll team up. I mean hell - they are powerful. And da way dey set shit up, it really wasn’t like I was sayin’, alright turn me loose - I’m gone go kill the first muthafucka I git a chance to. Because that son of a bitch I shot had it comin’! After I kilt him, that stopped them from comin’ round every time I smoked dust, but I had to stop usin’ dat shit because soon enough they came back sayin’ you owe us agin. So I stopped, but then only heaven knows why I did it, but I started back six months after bein’ clean. At this point I’m up to my fifth kill and they want you to come in Patricia and join ‘em too. They gonna promise you all kind o’ shit, but what you git in return ain’t worth a fuck, so don’t you let these muthafuckas git you girl, 'cos when they do it’s a nightmare. I know it’s why they had me make contact becuz they want me to bring you across. But fuck dem. I mean, I know afta I puffed the dust I’m prably gone smoke some moe, maybe not today, but eventually in a week or two, ‘cos that’s how it is. Then they gone have a talk wit me and I’m gone be visited off and on until I go take somebody out foe ‘em. It won’t be nothin’ new foe me and I know I’ll be goin’ back to Saint Charles Parish, even if I try to fight it. Somehow I’ll be goin’ back, ‘cos where I’m from is where it’s at foe them. See they make up these assignments and they don’t tell you at the time, but they have these ways to make certain shit happen. I just did dat ‘cos you shared yo pipe wit me, but the bad part is dat won’t end up being a peace pipe you let me smoke. Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! But wait… Look Patricia... Look at how hateful that muthafucka is,” said Sabrina while pointing out an odious Power in their midst merely monitoring them.

Having not seen one this close up for such a long period of time, Patricia recalled encountering them before she began drifting away from Beauregard Parish even as this Power kept trying to frighten the pair and Sabrina offered a word of advice to drive the point home…

“You heard o’ that song called we got ta fight the powers that be? Well the most powerful words in da world to get you what you want and what you need are I love you and dat song we heard wit only dem words a love supreme is somethin’ I want you to always remember Patricia...”

Alexander Argentina, as any dynamic author, does not cater to standardized, obtuse notions which interrupts such an individual who moves to the beat of a different drummer by employing the unusual tactic of no holds barred truth telling.