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Welcome to the world of Argentina and in keeping, after entering a read, your worldview will likely never be the same. Often called the author of our lives, his offerings stay with that established line by presenting an encapsulated, captivating look at characters who serve as a window into the essence of humanity's collective psyche.

Book Overview: A New York Love Story

Keith Cohen is the king of New York.

Additionally he's a Jew of a specific type who refuses to take any guff from anyone for being what he intrinsically and intuitively represents.


Esteemed as a banker, Keith began glomming onto ideas promulgated by chart monkeys and so he watched with intrigue when the Fed balance sheet enabled them to earn $300 million in 94 days and with that Mr. Cohen wanted in and after all, since he was both an international banker armed with the power to create insidious fiat money out of thin air and also a Jew, as a thing, this seemed as natural as breathing.

So then it was time to enter in, whereby it was his right to profit and when he would as a result of a so-called fiscal maneuver by the Fed, roughly $20 billion or more in that remaining year could be transferred from savers to banks collecting the spread, which allowed them to book profits out of what had been thieved from those thrifty American savers.

In how so Keith managed to garner 2.5% of this amount, as numbers, five hundred million dollars left him thinking internally, “Lord it is nice to be super rich…” and after steering a portion or profits towards the insurance segment of his financial group, it was time to truly party hearty, when for the most part this involved having sex with two women every day for 30 straight during when each involved participant over the course of 24 hours received $5,000 for her services.

They were all Goyim and this included a former housekeeper for a woman Keith would in due time wed whose daughter, Jessica Maldanado, despite being a minor had been occasionally contracted out for another similarly endowed Jewish man, from whatsoever slant this connotation could represent, although unlike Jeffrey Epstein, a man he thought might one day become embroiled in a scandal, Keith kept his sexual flings strictly between consenting adults.

Unknown to Keith while he was enjoying his own tryst, even now this was taking place and as Jessica took a break from servicing this older Jewish client, that 5' 2" Puerto Rican woman whom Jeffrey deemed supremely sexy, spoke her words towards his penis in relating how so she desired to be on television.

This powerful financier who grew up in Coney Island agreed to arrange this for her in Washington D.C. hosting an interactive traffic and weather show, though in due time this one from the Bronx, whom he saw as having chutzpah, would again call in her marker and again Jeffrey Epstein set it up for her to work at a jewelry channel shopping network.

Days later, Keith’s own sexcapade was completed in Brooklyn while having a romp with a pair of local female schwarzes and not unlike Epstein, the Cohen man would find himself making a promise to assist one Letitia "Tits" James in the future, where this public defender sought his assistance and Keith listened earnestly when as an activist, Tits spoke about representing the 35th Council District, which included the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Clinton Hill, Fort Greene, parts of Crown Heights, Prospect Heights, and Bedford-Stuyvesant.

As well this woman whom he nicknamed Tits for obvious reasons, had been born and raised in Brooklyn, and she outlined her résumé so to highlight obtaining a J.D. (Doctor of Jurisprudence) degree at Howard University in Washington, D.C and as well Tits negotiated the Welfare Reform Act on behalf of the New York State Black and Puerto Rican Caucus.

While adequate, Keith was all the more impressed with her credentials of having served in the administration of a New York State Attorney General seen as also a Jewish man whose paternal grandparents were termed Galician Jews and he was none other than Eliot Spitzer, a man with as much of a ravenous sexual appetite as either Jeffrey Epstein or Keith Cohen, and internally Keith wondered to himself if Eliot had also ever gotten busy with Tits.

Though exhausted, Keith now wanted to own a one-off in making for a most expensive automobile and so the banker made arrangements to fly 1st class to Italy to view his choice find brought to life by Pagani before Pagani was Pagani…

This would entail meeting a budding Italian specialty auto-maker Horacio Pagani, and this individual who’d worked for Renault, as well Lamborghini would eventually build his own upmarket car company and while Keith categorized him as a talented, yet busy engineer/entrepreneur, he knew having deep-pockets would gain him admittance.

As well the banker knew of Horacio Pagani’s efforts of trying to persuade a stubborn Lamborghini blockade of a need to purchase an autoclave in order to extend production of carbon parts for that company’s Lamborghini Countach model which he was chief engineer of in formulating the Countach Evoluzione concept for that rear mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive sports car and now over wine, the engineer lamented, “Those stupid fucks refused, when their illogic contended that since Ferrari did not have an autoclave, then Lamborghini does not need one.”

Post this discussion, a need for capital was elicited beginning when the Jew played Pagani against a legendary figure at Ferrari, an individual by the name of Juan Manuel Fangio and this was double-pronged in that, like Pagani, Fangio was also an Argentine and as spoken, legendary in their mutual field and so craftily, in being aware of this man’s racing career Keith recalled as well how Fangio faced adversity when it saw the man kidnapped in the wake of having won the non-Formula One Cuban Grand Prix established in year 1957 by the Batista dictatorship of Cuba…

Alexander Argentina, as any dynamic author, does not cater to standardized, obtuse notions which interrupts such an individual who moves to the beat of a different drummer by employing the unusual tactic of no holds barred truth telling.