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Book Overview: A North Carolina Love Story

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What would an individual from another planet think if they had an encounter from within the Tar Heel state?

Alexander Argentina has more than a series of notional thoughts about this as a topical possibility...


“Who is sending this misinformation to these inhabitants?” Nussa inquired.

“This polity standardly termed governments and governments work in tandem with broadcasters to see to it that these informatives are delivered as content to this captive audience.”

“Does the captive audience always agree with these informatives?”

“Yes Nussa. Oftentimes this is due to a strategy termed jingoism, where inhabitants have been classified as a nation. For example, if some group located in a region termed Lithuania were then termed Lithuanians and the government of Lithuania delivered content to this group, stating that they as a group termed Lithuanians were at odds or in a struggle against a group located in Pakistan, then the Lithuanians would agree this is so. Likewise the group located in Pakistan might receive content from that government in Pakistan and this would enable the war to get underway. This is also made possible due to something called athletic competition, which sees these different groups agree to meet in physical contests scheduled in advance and well known examples are called the Olympics and the World Cup. But these contests are merely cover which leaves a lasting impression on flesh beings so that something called pride will become part of their personage…”

Nawder then demanded “Explain this pride…” and the expounding was “Pride as a word in its attendant meanings can be described as arrogance or dignity, but in the method employed by governments, the word pride is used to simply maintain authority and will overlie sovereignty by instilling a mindset agreed to by any group of people located within a region. The common way this is viewed deals from a slant so that any individual residing in a region where another individual also lives will consensually agree they are considered a group. These groups extend out to boundaries established by these governments who then use the strategy outlined to say to these groups of flesh beings - you are Lithuanians or you are Pakistanis and there are hundreds of these conglomeration regions extant throughout this global underworld.”

“It is the exact opposite of Eden.”

“This is so Nussa and television helps the acceptance persist unabated so it is unchallenged by the flesh beings who reside here when they allow flags and anthems and pledges and oaths and religions and languages to determine who they characterize either friend or foe.”

Following that explanation of those influences Nawder concluded “We must avoid this television…” and Record keeper was pleased with that choice action, but wanted to make it clear as to why that was a wise decision…

“Television content is delivered in a variety of ways such as over the air by terrestrial waves and along coaxial cables or it can be reflected off of satellites in a geostationary orbit. This content is often recorded on magnetic tapes and stored optically on discs and digital drives and the final content or product is correctly called a program. Because to program any specific content requires a programmer to pre-determine and control the response to that encoded content and this is achieved very capably whereby flesh beings in this global underworld are often driven to extreme states of emotions called laughter and tears on the basis of such programming.”

“And that was what those flesh beings were doing in that bar, is that correct?”

“Yes Nawder and the device that program was being viewed on is appropriately called a receiver and various devices are capable of receiving the signals these radio waves produce after these waves are converted and this is frequently accomplished with amplification. Other examples are telephone receivers such as the one you attempted to utilize earlier, where similarly a telephone receiver transforms electrical impulses into audio signals in the same way television receivers convert electromagnetic waves into sound and images. These broadcasts are either recorded or live and the recorded version allows programmers to correct errors and remove superfluous material and these programmers employ other techniques to enhance a program. The live programs often feature athletic contests and the programmers use an enhanced technique called slow-motion which is very popular among many flesh beings who spend an inordinate amount of time watching these events and these television broadcasts began chronologically in the number year 1937.”

Alexander Argentina, as any dynamic author, does not cater to standardized, obtuse notions which interrupts such an individual who moves to the beat of a different drummer by employing the unusual tactic of no holds barred truth telling.