Welcome to the world of Argentina and in keeping, after entering a read, your worldview will likely never be the same. Often called the author of our lives, his offerings stay with that established line by presenting an encapsulated, captivating look at characters who serve as a window into the essence of humanity's collective psyche.

Book Overview: A Texas Love Story

Bailey is his name. Brian Bailey.

And this married man with children soon discovers how such a life can be interrupted by a failure to recognize what may be lacking...


Even though feeling in the right, it could yet be argued he was wrong as it concerned habitually returning from work and imposing a time limit on playing kid games and what their mother figure saw as his fundamental disregard became her constant complaint in that a coworker was spending more time with her husband than his own family.

Nevertheless the bread winner enforced a capacity to sleep in order to rejuvenate himself and be functionally sharp for an event he and Frank needed to contend with as a team, this in how Brian’s motto had been if you must play - you must play to win.

Thusly time at work as a non-participating family member extended over the duration of roughly an additional 2 hours prior to when his presence was required in Pasadena or more formally at the Pasadena duplicate bridge club.

Whenever this was not the case, meaning there was no game, Anna looked at it as an opportunity for more family time, especially on an off day, but when such a day came to pass the overworked man was now truly in need of a rest and so this also created a routine which was growing old to his wife and while as a paired couple they had their fair share of sentimental moments, most of these occasions did not qualify for what Anna Bailey categorized romantic, but what could be done?

From Anna there came a suggestion…

“Why you even bother to play that stupid ass game I’ll never know, because when you two get beat, you come home down in the dumps. Why can’t you just spend time at home and enjoy your family Brian?”

So she’d spoken and now he explained, where the reasoning was “It gives me something I need and I don’t know how to exactly put, it just kinda keeps me as an individual - like being my own with person - do you understand?” but the woman would dismantle his words by deriding “Why the fuck didn’t you just stay single, then you could’ve stayed your own person.” And that challenge brought in snipe fashion produced silence and no debate because Anna learned to steer similar conversations intentionally in order to discover if her husband was still “interested” when her longing often received his effort to walk it back by apologizing in several ways…

“Because I can’t live without you Anna…”

“I didn’t mean to say it that way honey. Can we please get away from that?”

“You know what I mean. Now come here and let me massage you the way you like.”

Occasionally when the undercurrent brought angst, Brian would seek out assistance by way of external outlets… “Hey I saw a carnival setting up on FM nineteen sixty. This Sunday we’ll take the kids…” or “Don’t cry Anna. I was wrong to think that way. Hey we’ll get a sitter for the kids and me and you can go out to eat…” or “I’m sorry darlin’ I’m just overworked. After dinner we’ll go look at that swing set you were tellin’ me about for the kids. Now come here and let’s make up” and in lieu of if the couple made up, more often than not any such outing was put on hold, because this eventuated to further time making up, thus resulting a conked out Brian now seen low on energy.

Additionally, specific plans proposed to occur often saw postponement because of money issues or other matters which took precedence over family time, such as when Brian was requested to be at his parents’ home and really any sort of unforeseen event could and would often foul things up, but his apologies were of equal importance in the mind of Anna because this made her feel that no matter what - he cared.

As a result she resolved to remain amiable and amicable even in the midst of complaining about a lack of romance and therein was a problem many men don’t classify a problem and this was when he began taking their lives together for granted, however this did not mean, as Anna wholly began to suspect, that Brian didn’t love her, for truly he did…But what it meant is a reality foremost in the dissolution of many a marriage, a fact which only begins to surface long after that initial love larvae stage as the “hot relationship” invariably progresses towards a “cool down” stage, and this is the case for many attempting wedded bliss in the manner Anna and Brian Bailey did, who as novices rushed right in and in a very real sense this added to the effect, because using the time barometer as a yardstick, they wed far too young, and like most young couples, the Bailey’s were soon contending with the difficult nuances of living under the same roof as a husband and wife with children.

In point of fact what Anna was forced to come to terms with was that he simply loved her less passionately and a primary indication saw them less in the presence of one another, but as James Bailey explained to his son before he married Anna Crawford…

“Whether or not it’s sexist stodginess, you have to understand that when you play role reversal games is when circumstances nearly always get out of whack - if you look carefully enough. That’s why men provide for the children and also why men are usually the ones who apply the discipline. A good comparison is how grapes are distilled in the wine process, because there really is a best way of making the best wine.”

This was related prior to when their unripe lot required pressing so they might come to fruition and the fermentation of time would determine if those plucked from the vine were quality lucre and this son of James Bailey would adhere to his father’s words of wisdom with actions to show he understood that Anna and the kids should inhabit the nest he would provide for.

However his wife misjudged what naturally becomes extension by mistakenly classing their former whirlwind romance as a forever drifting apart that would ultimately impact the vintage and a miscalculation saw her entertain misapprehension when the Mrs. sent a missile into the fray and this ended up a major misfire…

Alexander Argentina, as any dynamic author, does not cater to standardized, obtuse notions which interrupts such an individual who moves to the beat of a different drummer by employing the unusual tactic of no holds barred truth telling.