Welcome to the world of Argentina and in keeping, after entering a read, your worldview will likely never be the same. Often called the author of our lives, his offerings stay with that established line by presenting an encapsulated, captivating look at characters who serve as a window into the essence of humanity's collective psyche.

Book Overview: A Virginia Love Story

Free throws.

Michael Gordon is intrigued with basketball and it transpires from within his Virginia Beach neighborhood when as an inquisitive youngster, he will gain a portion of understanding about an often important facet of that game.


Michael was at first standoffish watching this individual lob that ball towards the hoop before retrieving it to try again from that chosen spot where a string of successes developed and when one went awry, after the ball rolled towards him, the youngster who brought it back received a friendly gesture aligned to the words, “Thanks sport.”

“What are you doin’ mister?” Michael would then ask.

After again doing as much, the man replied, “Practicin' shootin’ free throws,”

“Shootin' free throws?” Michael did repeat.

“Yeah, you wanna try?” the man asked while handing the ball to this eager lad who took a whirl at hurling the object.

“I shot the free throw!” announced Michael after that initial successful effort.

“In truth you’re supposed to shoot from behind the charity stripe,” explained the man in what addressed Michael’s position from in close before a move to that area made for a new toss when contact only occurred with that hanging nylon net appropriately called a goal.

The ball then went between a pair of iron posts mounted firmly into cemented ground and an acknowledgement from the one who released a grunt while bending down was, “Maybe you do need to start out a little closer.”

He spoke as much while picking up the ball from inside a polygon area covered in wood chips and along with assuming possession of the orb he also took hold of a piece of granite before proceeding to walk off a distance and after the rock became chalk it was used to draw a white line halfway between Michael’s first shot and the follow-up which failed.

The measurer then returned the ball he gripped with one hand while informing “Alright try it from there” and nearly a half dozen misfires later was when the man advised “You're putting too much arc on it. You want to release it straight from your hands the same way every time” and that time equation soon became an issue when the man related he had to go, but before doing so, he again made that shot Michael inquired about by asking “Why do they call it free?”

“A free throw counts for one point. In a game with other players it’s the only time a player gets to shoot where no defense is allowed on them. That’s why it’s called a free throw,” the man explained as he took up a walk alongside Michael before the boy started veering off in the direction of that Gordon residence.

“Keep practicin’ and see how many you can make in a row” urged the waving man who also heard Michael demand “Dad I want a basketball” when he was near his father.

Alexander Argentina, as any dynamic author, does not cater to standardized, obtuse notions which interrupts such an individual who moves to the beat of a different drummer by employing the unusual tactic of no holds barred truth telling.